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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Temporary telemarketer for a month

It is been almost 4 week working as a temp here. The expirience was way different. Eventhough it is stressing but it is very fun to explore the feeling making call to the higher rank of people in an organization. This is much different feeling than the feeling when i am doing candidate sourcing for a job vacancy.
My day was starting in a rain that day and train arrive at 6.45am. Due to the slippery condition i fell but still manage to smile (kontrol vouge tu). I reach at the building at 8 am and waiting in lobby for 45 minute before entering the office. There i have to wait for an hour before meeting my superior. She train me about the product and it takes me about 1 hour to absorb all info that i can, which is only 10% of the detail only. She give a cubicle with a laptop and a phone for me to start.
She is impress with my skill which she did not know that i have been train to do telesales before. I have kept the secret from everyone, well who dont want to receive a compliment kan. Ok back to the story, She inform me that i have to make 100 calls everyday since the due date is on 15th which is tomorrow and my last day here. There i start my journey as the telemarketer.From 9 am to 6 pm every weekdays.
As i making a lot of calls, (i did reach the target everyday ok), i listen to many type of tones of voice, some is to tired to talk, some is very energetic and just hang up before i could make any pitch. (bengang giiler arrggghhhh!!!!!). Some of them is very coorperative and makes me want to keep calling them. (ihiks... gedik kan). Those all call that makes may dah passed away very fast.
Now is the last 2 days for me to be here and i cant close not even one sales. It is really hard but the bosses are great becouse knowing that i cant close any deals but they keep couraging me to do it. Not only just the boss, but all the staff here are nice to me. They invite me to join their programme in the office such as birthday lunch, almost every week and it was great and i dont feel left out.
That my expirience while working here. Now it is time for me to leave this place and start a new journey elsewhere. I hope that i can close at least one sales before i leave. Wish me luck friends...

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